Taku Araki

On July 30, 2013, I decided to used ULI14*27*6 for M2O (Molokai-Oahu crossing race) At the start line, everyone didn’t believe that I use inflatable to cross 32mile open ocean but I felt really comfortable whole way and ended up winning on 14ft. stock/30-39age division by taking 6hours 2 minutes. I normally paddle on my racing ULI with (18-20psi) but I put little less air pressure (15-17psi)for long distance race such as channel crossing. It will be more easy for the body and mind. I live in Okinawa island, Japan and have crossed ocean between so many island hopping camp with my friends and family. The distance between island is normally 5km to 30km, either on flat or down-wind condition. I strap hand pump on the board so I can deflate when we camp on the island, also ULI is so durable that we can even sleep on it when it’s summer camp. 

Also we love racing ULI for long time. In Japan we have limited space for storage, and it’s hard to carry hardboards on the top of little car sometimes. Easy to travel by train or bus wherever the race will be. We even travel to overseas to Hawaii or USA with ULI. My 11years old son used ULI 12.6*22 at the 2016 PPG(Pacific Paddle Games) and did really well against all the hard boards in his age division.

I truly love ULI high quality and respect hand made boards by warm production staff at Vista. I can only imagine how hard work they have been putting effort for R&D and loving great SUP sports for all the family&friends.