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This race proven board has won the Molokai to Oahu race and multiple races internationally. At 27” wide and 6” thick it’s the ultimate downwind board. This ULI is stable enough to handle the open water chop and fast enough to win races.

All boards come with a ULI “made in the USA” hand pump and repair kit.

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Width: 27″
Length: 14′”
Thickness: 6 ″
Weight: 29.4 lbs


  • This board is manufactured using the ULI NEU technology. ULI developed cutting edge technology to launch the next evolution of the ULI inflatable board.  NEU is the result of our quest to handcraft the best quality boards.  The boards deflate and roll up to an unprecedented tight roll.  We are proud to offer you the world’s most portable high performance board.


  • We apply a wide kevlar strip to both the top and bottom of every ULI we make.  Isn’t kevlar expensive?  Yes, but at ULI we are in the relentless pursuit of improving performance and quality.  KTP allows us to create a ‘stringer’ in an inflatable board that locks in the board’s overall shape and rocker.


  • The patented Wiki­Rail creates a hard edge that reduces drag (making our boards faster and more stable) and a creates a sharper edge from which to turn ­ dramatically improving maneuverability.  All in, an ULI with a Wiki­Rail is the ultimate in performance. (Included Upon Request)


  • 1″ Stainless Steel D-Ring on the tail of the board (White Water Designs Eugene Oregon)


  • Stay Covered Stomp Pad (Oceanside California)


  • Single large Fin Box with Fins (Future Fins, Huntington Beach, California)


  • Center Handle ( Surfco, Hawaii)


  • Manual Hand Pump (Hand made by ULI in Carlsbad California)



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Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 36 x 16 x 16 in
ULI Construction

ULI Hand Made in the USA


Multi Purpose SUP

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