ULI is proud to announce the release of the NEU series of Boards

ULI is proud to announce the release of the NEU series, using cutting edge technology to launch the next evolution of the ULI inflatable board.

NEU is the result of our quest to handcraft the best quality boards.

The NEU Series delivers:

Minimum weight.

Maximum rigidity.

Maneuverability and performance.

The NEU ULI Boards have an incredible 30% reduction in board weight, while providing enhanced rigidity, and performance at high PSI. The boards deflate and roll up to an unprecedented tight 12 inch roll. We are proud to offer you the worlds most portable high performance board.

ULI Boards is dedicated to the USA handcrafting of the best inflatable standup paddleboards and surfboards in the world. Our legacy extends back to the invention of the inflatable board and the persistent art of refining the process. As from June 1, 2017 all our popular board designs will be available in the NEU Series. Just enter NEU in the notes at check out and get a free Wiki-Rail and free shipping. Valid until July 31 2017

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