Welcome to the ULI Team

ULI Boards is excited to add a new member to the team –  David Rykbos

David will be our sales and service lead, and will be helping out our new and existing customers.


Growing up in the mecca of action sports in southern California his passion and desire to succeed was inevitable. He quickly learned and developed a keen niche for surfing and water sports in general. When he was 16 years old his family decided to move to the Mid-West to a small town called Springfield Missouri. Saddened by the fact he no longer lived by the ocean he decided to explore other avenues of water sports. It was then he got involved into other sports such as wakeboarding, wakeskating, and kayaking.

After spending his remaining years of high school in missouri, he decided that it was time to return to the ocean. In 2010 David enlisted in the U.S. Navy hoping to continue his passion for surfing. In September 2010 he received orders to his first “duty station” in Norfolk, VA. Stoked to finally get back on a board he quickly realized that the waves in Virginia didn’t break as often as he had anticipated. His passion for the industry never faltered as he began to create plans and ideas that will help him in pursuing his dream of working in the water sports industry.

In 2015 he hit the ground running when he was relocated to Southern California. He began to shape and repair surfboards, learning more about the industry, and created his own website and Brand called BroadenSurf which rapidly grew in just a couple of years. As he pursued his passion part time while continuing to serve active duty in the Navy, he decided that after eight years of service in the Navy it was time for him to put his ideas into gear.

We are proud to Welcome such an innovative team member to the ULI family as he will play a pivotal role in our continuously evolving community.

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